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The Family Recipe

Passed down through generations in the Potter family Sue and Jim, continuing the tradition, began making this delicious beer mustard recipe for there loved ones as well. Like most family recipes Tailgaters Beer Mustard must be cooked in large batches to consistently achieve it’s fantastic flavor. However, as friends and co-workers sampled the beer mustard they too quickly fell in love with it’s sweet and bold taste. Soon the demand was high and the process long. Ending up making it constantly, Sue and Jim just couldn’t keep up with “public” demand.

The Business Begins

So begins the Tailgaters Beer Mustard story. Going into business, they developed a plan and a company. It took a lot of hard work and dedication, but it was all worth it when their first, commercially produced, batch of Tailgaters Beer Mustard rolled out! Turning to family and friends, who love the beer mustard so much, they asked for some help to spread the word.

Today Tailgaters Beer Mustard is selling like hotcakes! It’s used in restaurants and available in stores from south Florida to Indiana. The demand is so great, Sue and Jim found a new manufacturer to keep up with demand.

The Superior Taste

We take pride in the wonderfully original and superior flavor of our Beer Mustard. By purchasing whole mustard seed and having them specially ground just before each batch is produced we ensure the fresh bold flavors in our Beer Mustard. Also, the beer taste in Tailgaters Beer Mustard is not a flavoring added – but real beer. We at Tailgaters, Inc. want to make sure our Beer Mustard is good tasting as well as good for you!

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