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Over the years this sweet and spicy beer mustard was specially developed to enhance the flavor of all foods, including: Pork, Beef, Chicken, Vegetables and Eggs.

The superior taste of Tailgaters Beer Mustard is due to the quality of every ingredient. We purchase whole mustard seeds and have them specially ground before every batch of Tailgaters Beer Mustard is produced. Also, the beer flavor acquired in our mustard is not simply beer “flavoring” but actual beer.

We do not skimp on ingredients or sacrifice quality to cut cost for our Beer Mustard production. Tailgaters Beer Mustard is a top quality sauce. We at Tailgaters, Inc. want to make our Beer Mustard great tasting as well as good for you.

The possibilities are endless!

Our Mustard Sauce has such a delicate flavor with a hint of sweet, it is a great compliment to any dish. One of the main benefits of having a family recipe for this fantastic sweet mustard is having had time to test and taste a variety of uses and applications. Please, see our recipes page for delicious uses for the bold yet sweet Tailgaters Beer Mustard.

Tailgaters Beer Mustard Pork Recipe

Share with us your great recipes and suggestions for Tailgaters Beer Mustard!

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